Facebook Friends Forever

So, I’m sure it’s obvious by now that I write about friendship, love – that kind of thing. And, with an old friend’s birthday being today, I’ve been thinking…

Okay, so, facebook? It’s there so we can keep in contact with old friends and new friends and blahblahblah. I’m sure most people have one, I know I do. For the longest time I didn’t want one, I saw no reason for it. Last year, though, a friend just went and made one for me and I haven’t looked back…well, I have, but not often. The thing about my facebook, though, is that I don’t talk to the people I’m “friends” with. Those I do, I also text them frequently. All of those people I thought to keep in contact with once we became facebook friends I don’t even bother with, because I realized why we weren’t friends in the first place (and not being close facebook friends with someone is in large part due to their status updates – if I have to read those lyrics to “Airplane” again, I’ll go crazy). What’s the point of having something to keep in contact with people who I already keep in contact with? Yet I still have mine, and probably will for a long time.

As I said earlier, my friend’s birthday is today. Of course, all of her facebook friends are aware and have been sending her well wishes. Now, I know for a fact that half of the people who said “Happy birthday!” are people she doesn’t like, and they probably know it, too, yet they say it all the same. Now, is this an olive branch, a chance at reconciliation? Or is it just something a person does when they see So-and-So’s birthday Today on the side of their page? Another friend of mine was mad that I didn’t wish her a facebook happy birthday, even though I said it through phone call and text. Are things not official if they aren’t facebook official?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have 300+ friends, and I personally don’t know that many people, let alone am actual friends with that many. My graduating high school class was a little over 700 students, but I can only name 100 on a good day. If I didn’t know a person in high school, why would I connect with them now? One could argue that it’s important to make new friends, but now that I’m in a completely different state, it seems to make new friends with those I graduated with.

Am I thinking too much about this? I don’t even know what my point is, aside from the general confusion I get when some person I’ve never met before, who went to the same high school as me but graduated either earlier or later, tries to be my “friend.” I say no to them, but a lot of people don’t because they like looking at inflated numbers of friends, even if they really aren’t. With friendship, it’s quality, not quantity, right?

-Mary K

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