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College years are the most exciting, as this is the time you usually socialize with a lot of different people, make new friends and establish important connections. Sometimes social part of the experience even prevails over the academic one. With the variety of student discounts in New York City, there are plenty of places to go and spend an evening. However, remember, if you stay out late, you miss an important part of your day: your morning.

“What’s so special about a morning?” you may wonder. Well, here are several things that you miss if you don’t get enough sleep and crawl out of the bed with your eyes half closed:

1. Breakfast. I have blogged about how important it is to have a breakfast every morning, and if you’d like to see that post, you can go to The point is: your first meal of the day should charge you with the energy you need for your classes and extracurricular activities. If you wake up late, you are rushing to school or job (whatever comes first), and you often swallow a coffee with a donut (so fattening and tasty). As a result, your stomach is empty, your energy is low, you are still sleepy and uneager to leave the house.

2. Exercise. Here you will probably say that no one does exercise in the morning anymore. Sure, for the same reason people don’t eat breakfast every day. Exercising in the morning is a good start. Just as having breakfast, it boosts your energy and prepares your body for the day. You don’t have to run or go to the gym in the morning unless you want to. What’s good to do is to find a routine that you enjoy and don’t mind repeating every morning. The exercise you choose doesn’t have to take a lot of your time; you can spend just 10-15 minutes on it, and you will see the difference yourself. I love doing some stretches. It helps me to wake up and keep my body fit.

3. Stress-free ride to school or job. When you wake up late, you have to hurry up to get to your destination on time. As it usually happens, there are service changes or train traffic on your way. Worried that you won’t make it to your first class, you are biting your lips regretting that you didn’t wake up just 10 minutes earlier. If you did, you would have had extra time for your commute, and it could have been less stressful. If you are late for your job, it’s even worse. If you are often untimely, you may be eventually fired, so it is crucial that you learn to organize yourself. College prepares you for a career, so treat your classes just as seriously as you would your work.

4. Material you could review for your class. As far as I’m concerned, I remember things I reviewed in the morning longer than extracts I read in the evening. Therefore, I love to review for my exams before I go to school. It stays fresh in my memory for the whole day, and I usually get excellent grades. Try doing that, maybe it works for you,  too.

5. Professional appearance. Walking to college from the bus stop, I often see students who are dressed in sweat pants or pajamas, and it looks like they just got out of the bed. Even though your college mates don’t always care what your appearance is like, you never know whom you will meet during the day. Maybe, there will be an unexpected meeting with prospectivee employers or an interview for an internship. If you don’t look presentable, you will not be chosen. Being professional is not necessarily wearing a suit; you can wear a nice shirt in neutral colors with suitable pants or a skirt. When you meet new people, they don’t know who you are. All they see is your pajamas at the moment. In many cases, first impression is also the last one, so spend some time in the morning thinking about what you are going to wear.

6. Make-up. This is not as important as the clothes you wear, but if you have dark circles under your eyes, you can try masking them a little bit. It will give you a fresher look. Moreover, when I look beautiful, I tend to accomlish more throughout the day, so I prefer to put light make-up every morning, even if I have to do it standing up in a bus (it takes practice, but it’s doable).

7. Planning of the day. I like to lay in bed for about 5-10 minutes before getting up and think what I am going to do. This includes what I will wear, what I should bring with me, what I will do after school etc. Taking the time to do that helps me avoid forgetting things I need and missing appointments. In addition, my mind clears from the dreams I had and prepares for the new day.

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8.  Energy that you would have had if you slept enough. This doesn’t need any comment. If you sleep 4-5 hours a night (as a rule, not as an exception), you will drag your feet through the day, and all you can think about is your soft and comfortable bed. Do you think, you can learn a lot being in a mood like that?

Therefore, when you are planning to spend an evening with your friends, consider what time you have to get up next morning and how late you can stay out. There are always weekends when you don’t have to be at school, so spend your weekday evenings studying and leave the fun time for Fridays and Saturdays, which will be completely free considering all th homework that was done during the week.

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