A Prelude To V-Day

It’s that perilous time of year again, when that one, fateful day either reminds of us how hopelessly alone we are, or how tragically in love we are. But, maybe that is too dramatic. Valentine’s Day is, nonetheless, the holiday of love, the conferred day to celebrate the success of a current relationship, or, with hopeful tidings, begin one anew. Although most people begin planning their Valentine’s evening well in advance (or at least should, HINT!), most often overlook some of the more personal measures that can be taken to ensure a memorable V-Day, and with so much pressure to prepare a unique and romantic evening on the town, you do not want the little things to get in the way.

Some of these recommendations may be seen as superficial or shallow, but the presentation of self is an important way to make an excellent first impression and show your date that he/she means enough to you to properly look the part. It’s a matter of respect. That being said, in the limited time left before Valentine’s (Countdown: 11 days!), try getting into a routine at the gym to boost your energy level and self-confidence. Most people think working out is strictly for physical benefits, but it’s also a great way to boost your mood and self-esteem.

Even if you get reservations at an exclusive restaurant, unless your clothes are cleaned and pressed properly you will look very out of place. Make sure to plan your outfit in advance, or at least have a general idea of what you might wear and make sure everything is cleaned and ready to go for your night out. Dry cleaning is usually the safest bet. Letting a professional clean and press your clothes will ensure you they will be taken care of properly and not shrunken and wrinkled as they usually come out after my loads of laundry.

Another helpful tip is to plan a trip to a salon or barber and make sure your hair is “did” just right. Nothing drastic, unless it’s been a few weeks or months, but just enough to trim you up and clean the edges around your neck and sideburns (for the guys), or to trim the frayed ends of hair (ladies). I would recommend not trying a new style at this moment. It could be a big gamble and the risk may not prove beneficial. Stick to the basics.

Perhaps my most important piece of pre-Valentine’s Day advice is to be mentally prepared. But, how to do that? Well, I recommend reading Pablo Neruda’s little book, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. A personal favorite, this book will reveal to you the ranges of love and give the mental readiness to embrace Valentine’s. Read it, again and again

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