A Guide Book for Adults Returning to College: Getting Ahead

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In this post, we will discuss how you’re ahead of other students. You already have social and professional skills.

It isn’t enough to have academic merit to be completely successful. There are other important factors that can lead to success.  Social skills, confidence, ingenuity, and having a social network are great attributes that an older student may have.

For some, college can be more rewarding as an adult because you have gained these attributes.  Your life experience is what will help you with your college achievement.  You are ahead of the other students in your class because of this.  We all have different needs to succeed than what the educational system accommodates.

social skills

Another reason why you’re ahead of the game is that you are studying for yourself and not for your parents.  This decision to return to school is yours.  You know what you want and will be determined to achieve it.  And most likely you are paying for it, so you will really understand the value of and education.

You already know what’s out there in the world and you know what to expect when you graduate.  Even though you may end up working in the same field as you were before, you know that once you do graduate you will be making twice as much with a degree.

When I asked Danielle what she finds most rewarding about being an older student, she said;

“I truly look at my education as a gift, a privilege, something I relish and enjoy.  I want to learn and immerse myself in my studies.”


I share the same feeling as Danielle; I enjoy learning and now that I am one year away from graduating, I am also thinking of going to graduate school.  I am eager to continue my studies.

As challenging as it has been, being an older student, I can’t say enough how rewarding it has been.  It truly has been one of the most rewarding experiences.  It is more than just knowing that I will have a higher income, it has been a deeply satisfying process and that has giving me a sort of comfort in finding my place in the world.

finding your place


By Rona Ramjas

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