How to Unwind and Find Catharsis in NYC: Biking

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 Full many a glorious morning have I seen Flatter the mountain tops with sovereign eye, Kissing with golden face the meadows green, Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy

William Shakespeare, Sonnet 33

It’s summertime, and it’s hot. But that doesn’t change the reality that taking cabs around Manhattan is growing excessively expensive by the month. Also, at times public transportation is just too slow and unreliable. While walking everywhere may be lovely for some, it is quite slow. So why don’t you give biking around the city a shot?

I’ve been biking in Manhattan for years, and I have to say it is my absolute favorite method of transportation. At first, it is a little unnerving: the aggressive drivers, the crowded intersections, and sometimes roads riddled with potholes. But once you get used to riding around NYC it can be one of the fastest, cheapest, and pleasurable ways to get around. Just get yourself a quality lock and throw your bike on really any pole on any sidewalk.


New York City has plenty of groups that try to enhance the biking lifestyle. Biking is healthy as a form of cardiovascular exercise, and it is much more efficient for the environment than cars, buses, or motorcycles.

Remember, biking is a practical way to get about anywhere: class, work, a friend’s house, a park, or just biking for leisure.

If you’re not ready for the commitment of purchasing your own bike and padlock, take advantage of the Citi Bike program, which provides bikes all over Manhattan and some parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Rent a bike for a day or just a few hours; it’s super convenient.


Some links to check out about biking in NYC (Bike maps all over NYC!)


By Ryan Forman

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