How to be a Comedian: Conclusion – And Check Out the Right College Student Discounts Below!

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Very few people can say that they’ve dabbled in the comedy business. One of the most common fears I’m aware of is public speaking, which means standing up in front of a silent audience telling jokes must be a nightmare from hell for the mass majority.


But, not for you. You’ve already taken the first step and explored your interest by reading this eBook. The desire to become a comedian has already latched on to your heart and you’re not going to let petty fears, like public speaking, hold you back. Give yourself a shot at becoming a comedian– you’ve earned it. Read through this book every couple months to remind you of what you need to do to be successful in the comedy business. Jump right in, meet people, put yourself out there, and enjoy all the laughs and bombs along the way.

You, my friend, are a comedian.


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