I Think This Is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Living in one of the greatest cities in the world, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am. I was born in Seoul, grew up in Los Angeles, and now am at NYU in downtown Manhattan. How this came to be, I do not know. Getting into NYU was a dream for me; how could I have been accepted into the city that I’ve wanted to go to since I was in 8th grade? I could hardly believe my luck. This is one of the oldest cities in the Americas; but much more importantly, where Ryan Gosling lives. I may not be gay, but damn, the things I would do to give that man a hug.No seriously, no human can resist his charms.

Before I get into depth about my current “amazing” life, I’ll tell you about my pre-college life взять займ онлайн на карту без отказа. I was raised mostly in Los Angeles (I came from Seoul in 1999), and lived in an area not unlike Harlem. I went to an elementary school of 2300 kids, most at-risk (of joining gangs), then to a middle/high school of roughly 1700 people, also at-risk. Seeing a trend? Then, voilà, I studied my way out of a bad neighborhood and into a college where the tuition is 240,000 for four years. Talk about going from the frying pan and into the fire.

Now despite our Sex and the City view of New York City, the true New York is less charming. We don’t earn money by simply writing articles in some never-heard-of magazine, and we certainly don’t look like we’re twenty while we’re actually forty.I'll ask the question no man should ever ask a lady:how old are they? There’s also trash everywhere. Did I mention the trash? But yes, our romanticization of New York only lasts for about a month or so, before we realize that this city is just like any other city, sped up to the extent where people look at their watches every 10 minutes or so. It’s true that cities have a stricter sense of time, but even so, in New York City, the people check the face of their watches moreso than the faces of their loved ones on certain days, mainly when the subway is late.

There are a lot of things that interest me, but as of late, I’ve been drawn into news reporting, ironically by the TV show The Newsroom. The plot of the show is very unique, and it’s currently on hiatus, beginning again next summer. It’s written by Aaron Sorkin, writer of The West Wing and The Social Network. (More on my unhealthy TV obsession to follow in later posts.)

But in all seriousness, this city has great opportunities that you can’t find in other parts of the country, or even the world. New York is the capital of the media, and we also have Broadway. Maybe the tourists’ rose-tinted view of New York isn’t so bad. Maybe we have to occasionally walk over to Times Square and enjoy the fact that we’re in the best city in the world.

But did I tell you about the trash?


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