Staying Entertained Without Emptying your Wallet

Staying Entertained Without Emptying your Wallet

Trying to steer away from boredom is a task that we all face almost every day.  With summer around the corner, students will likely become bored very quickly without the excitement of being at college.  To keep yourself entertained is often an easy task. However, it usually requires spending a lot of money $100 cash loan online.  Seeing as how money is generally tight for students nowadays, here are some low budget ways to keep yourself entertained:

1) Take up cooking as a hobby!
This is a particularly cheap way to spend your time due to the fact that the money you spend to cook is also the money used for your food.  The process of cooking can be very exciting, especially if you find yourself to be a good cook.  Be adventurous at the supermarket and get creative; this will lead to more intricate meals that are more fun to cook and more delicious to eat!

2) Start Blogging
Blogging is a fantastic way to kill time if you are the type of person who likes to share stories.  Creating a blog will allow you to express your daily life through the internet.  Most blog hosting websites are free, such as WordPress or Blogspot, so blogging will actually cost you nothing.

3) Borrow Movies, Rather Than Seeing Them in Theatres
Movie ticket prices have gotten so expensive that complaining about the price has become almost cliche.  With the average ticket price around $12.50, students are often forced to stay at home instead of seeing new movies.  The simple solution for this is to borrow movies from your friends.  Although you may have to wait a few months to see the movie, you will be saving yourself a ton of money, and will be able to watch the movie at your own pace.

These three tips should serve as useful to many college students this summer.  For more savings, check out the following coupons:



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