More Time – Less Money

Did you know that unlimited metrocards save you a lot of money? No matter how hard it is to part with $89 for a monthly subway pass, get it and you will save on every trip. Moreover, a monthly card saves you more than a weekly one: the longer the time, the less you pay for each trip.
As a college student, you have to commute to school 4-5 days a week. Besides that, you meet your friends, shop for books, food and clothes and use subway or bus if you need to see a doctor or an academic advisor. All this may give you, at least, two trips a day six days a week, keeping in mind that you may stay at home studying or just relaxing one day a week. Thus, you will spend, at least, $27 a week if one trip is $2.25. As $27 is the price for a weekly metrocard, you do not lose anything if you purchase it. On the contrary, you may go wherever you want as many times as you wish.
If you are now running to a closest vending machine seduced by this convenience, stop! If you buy an unlimited metrocard for two weeks, you will save $3 extra, as it is $51 only. Finally, you save $19 if you buy an “expensive” monthly pass.
Even though unlimited metrocards are very convenient and save money, many people prefer to buy regular cards, as they are afraid to lose the “expensive” one. Did you know, however, that while a regular card is treated like cash, meaning that losing or finding it is like losing or finding money, an unlimited metrocard is insured? The only thing you have to do is to purchase it with a credit or debit card from any MTA vending machine. If you do so, you can report your loss, and you get a refund for each remaining day. Price for the card is divided by the number of total days, so you do not lose anything. Be aware, though, that you can report the loss only twice a year; the first time for free, and the second timea $5 fee applies.
These cards are especially convenient for visitors, those who want to see as much as possible in a limited amount of time. And also, for people who like to feel free of limits, a monthly metrocard is like a bottomless wallet always filled in with money for transportation.

Ekaterina Lalo

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