Making Ordinary Extraordinary

It’s Saturday night and after hours of debate you and your friends have finally decided that tonight you’re going out on the town. You’re in New York City after all, the most amazing and exciting city in the world, and if you don’t soak it up, well, you’d just be wasting the precious moments you have left. The problem is that once you’re finally ready, no one can decide what to do. A movie seems boring, you know that party is going to be lame after ten minutes, and before you know it almost two hours have gone by and you haven’t left your living room. This has happened to me more times than I can count and sometimes the best way to avoid this trap is to….are you ready for it?….to do what you’ve always been doing, BUT with a twist.

Making the ordinary extraordinary is nothing new, but certainly something that we all forget to do. It’s a fantastic way to spice up any dull day and keep activities fresh. There are so many ways to go with putting twists on things, so I’ll give you two of my favorite now and re-blog from time to time on some fun ordinary to extraordinary ideas.

I Scream For (Twenty Scoops Of) Ice Cream:

Getting ice cream is nothing new (in fact, for many of us it’s our dinner), but you can make this routine snack one worth remembering.

One of the first great nights in college actually began with the above problem. Some friends and I were talking about what to do and no one could agree on anything. In the end we decided to venture out to Ben & Jerry’s for a very typical ice cream stop, but we had no idea how much fun we would have. Reading over the menu in the store, the word “Vermonster” happened to catch my eye. I inquired the ice cream scoop attendant about this strange ice cream flavor and she explained that it was not a new flavor at all, but rather a twenty-scoop sundae with hot fudge, bananas, cookies, brownies, and every topping in the store. Well there were ten people there so we thought “Why not?” and proceeded to have the most decadent ice cream feast I’ve ever had. Granted, our stomachs hurt a little the next day, though this Vermonster was definitely a beast worth conquering.

Express Your Inner Tourist

Tourists. Those picture taking, I Love NY t-shirt wearing, Double Decker bus riding tourists. NYC just wouldn’t be the same without them and deep down in your heart you know you love ‘em. Well why not do what yo’uve always been doing and invoke that inner tourist and enjoy yourself!

Recently, my roommate and I were doing work in our kitchen on a Monday night when a friend of ours stopped by to say hi. We made a joke about why she wasn’t dressed up for a Monday night and she commented sarcastically, “Oh I’m sorry, I was just about to put on my gown.” Well she might have thought that was clever, but my roommate and I looked at each other and thought it was brilliant. We gave ourselves another thirty minutes to study, put our books away, and got dressed in our sauve-iest (there’s really no better fake word to describe it) attire and went out to the nearest dive bar. It was drizzling and a little chilly, but nothing could have stopped us. On the way there one of us had the brilliant idea to play tourist. But not just any tourist. We were going full on British-bloke with a visa and a degree from Oxford tourist. So with our tuxedos and suits in check we proceeded to discourse in the best British accents we could fake (which, truth be told, were not that bloody great). We ended up talking with two girls for an hour, who actually believed we were from England (don’t ask me why), and having an amazing time.

So the next time you’re faced with a ‘what-to-do’ conundrum remember that it’s all about putting the spin on the old and adding the extra to the ordinary.

Let me know what “ordinary” fun you get into!

-Roni Tessler

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