Jersey Shore

So who watched the Jersey Shore? I’ll wait…just admit it you watched it! You fed into the hype but so did I, and I loved every minute of it! It was insanely ridiculous, outrageous and not to mention hilarious. I’m from New Jersey and I’m proud of it, so let me tell you world just in case your wondering, NO not everyone in Jersey has blow outs, tans excessively and listens to techno. BUT, some people do I’ll admit it, and apparently they do in other places as well because there were cast members from Rhode Island, Staten Island and New York too. And although they did make a fool of themselves they are getting hip this time around and demanding compensation for season two, I believe $10,000 per episode. Pauly D is even booking gigs as a DJ, he was actually in the city this past weekend at a nightclub. I know way too much about this, i know, but give me a break the whole country has jersey shore fever. Even celebs! Leonardo Di Caprio is a GTL fan…ok i’ll stop trying to convince myself that my guilty pleasure isn’t embarrassing. Here are some great tanning coupons, Happy January!

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