I Love New York

Catchy right? Okay, okay, you can reem me for the completely unoriginal title later. Introductions are on the horizon, beginning with ‘who the heck is writing this entry, anyway?’ The name’s Cecylia Makarewicz, but that’s a 17-letter mouthful, so let’s just stick with ‘Cease.’

I’ll look at you with the most passive gaze I can manage and say, with my beret drooped over my left eye and an air of snobbish confidence that, “I am an artist,” and you’ll be seeing my work in what is supposed to be an entertaining series of cartoons starring The Big Apple itself and the process of surviving it. Which, for those of us who live here, work here, and try to avoid dying here, understand that this is no easy mission. The good news is that New York, despite its tough-love attitude, does love you, and with a little good faith, you’ll unearth its opportunities, unveil its bizarre beauty, and one day – who knows – you might even love it back.

The idea here is to spill what I know about living in New York, and I do mean living. I don’t like scraping by on Ramen noodles, coffee, and three hours of sleep. There’s a lot to be said about maintaining your well being – diet, exercise, chill-axing – especially if you’re, say, a totally broke (insert career here) student trying to make it in a place that’s already crazier than the average slice of life. I don’t know much about anything official, and I wouldn’t call myself a professional anything, but I’m willing to share what I’ve learned, and what I’m still learning, about living the best life I know how in a city where just about anything can happen.

So now you’ve read my mission statement, and after all of that, I’m not entirely sure how to begin. I thought I’d start with a recipe, or a restaurant, but the truth is that I’ve been living a very poor example of the very thing I’ll be writing about, as some crazy El-Nino nonsense decided to forecast October weather in MAY. I’m hunched next to my space heater, wearing the fleece I naively packed away a week ago, and the most I’ve accomplished today is a twenty-minute walk, a half-emptied peanut butter jar, and this blog entry. So I guess I’ll start by saying expect the unexpected…and that a lazy day now and then is a very good thing. ☺

Till next blog,

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