I just want to talk about fashion…

…here for a second. We’re in “The” City, for goodness sake! One of the greatest dressing cities in the world – many locals argue the greatest. But regardless of whether you care about that, you wear clothes – hope I’m right about that one – so you need to buy them. Isn’t that what we’ve all told our parents when softening debit card debates in recent years? (Actually, it isn’t for me. I use credit, which you really, really, really may want to do if you plan on ever getting an account, house, apartment, etc. At this age, we need to build our credit scores; if you don’t, you run the risk of never being granted a credit account in your twenties. I know of people :-/)

Since the age of 13, I’ve been a huge fashion enthusiast…the type that examines and critiques every runway look the day the show happens. So you can imagine my excitement upon learning that Loehmann’s department store carries Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Free People, D&G, French Connection, the list goes on. If Forever 21 is your thing, great, it’s in Union Square. But these designers and brands make their clothes in higher quality. They last up to ten years rather than half of one, so finding a great piece of theirs for $10-$50 feels amazing. And when you’ve used this 20% off coupon, you’ll walk out of their with genuinely nice clothes, feeling that much more amazing.

Joan Collins tee by Free People
It’s getting cold and wintry about, so this shirt would be perfect for layering and still looking chic. Wear over a tank top of any length and color, and the design people see when you take off your coat will say, “I’m pretty and upbeat, and cutting edge.” You can layer pretty much any scarves or jackets over it as well.

DKNY Jeans Menswear Vest
Okay, this may look like a forward style (not to mention it’s “all over the spring runways,” as i can hear tyra or somebody say in an America’s Next Top Model episode), but trust me, throw one of these over a (white, black, or neutral) outfit you loved but have worn a million times, and it will make you and your aura look and feel fresh and unstoppable, I promise.

Both of the above labels, Free People and DKNY Jeans, are sold at Loehmann’s! Enjoy this coupon. Love, SM Mag.

Use this Loehmann's Coupon

Here’s a few more Clothing/Shoes coupons for advertisers I love:

Sacco Shoes is all over the city, great shoes and bags at good prices!

I wish I knew this deal existed earlier, I never got things hemmed cause I feared the price! Awesome!

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